TASKalfa duo receives BLI Awards from Keypoint Intelligence as Kyocera reaffirms position as leader in customer-driven innovation.

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Fairfield, NJ – With the announcement that two TASKalfa devices – the TASKalfa 2554ci and TASKalfa 3554ci – have been recognized with BLI Awards from Keypoint Intelligence, it is once again evident that Kyocera’s firm commitment to customer-centric innovation is continuing to pay dividends.
Keypoint Intelligence recognizes manufacturers and products that perform above their peers during their rigorous lab tests. These are products which are deemed by their team of experts to be “Best in Class,” and carry a trusted seal of approval for customers seeking to invest in quality solutions for their business.
The TASKalfa2554ci (Outstanding 25-ppm A3 Color MFP) and TASKalfa3554ci (Outstanding 35-ppm A3 Color MFP) have been earmarked by Keypoint Intelligence for their superior reliability and performance, impressive user-friendliness, and all-round print quality.
 “The KYOCERA TASKalfa 2554ci and TASKalfa 3554ci exhibited outstanding durability and easily meet the needs of small to mid-size workgroups,” said George Mikolay, Keypoint Intelligence’s Associate Director of A3 Hardware/Production Analysis.
Mr. Mikolay also praised the “consistency in design and excellent overall usability from the drivers and control panel,” while highlighting how the versatility and quality of these devices “can be relied on to produce many different types of output.”
“Everyone at Kyocera is delighted with the news of our latest BLI Award success – it is a testament to the incredible efforts of the entire organization that we are able to consistently deliver new and enhanced solutions for our customers,” says Oscar Sanchez, President and CEO, Kyocera Document Solutions America.
These devices represent the first chapter of the highly anticipated Kyocera Evolution Series, bringing to the table a new tablet-like interface for unrivaled user-friendliness and robust security features for optimal data protection.
“The TASKalfa 2554ci and TASKalfa 3554ci MFPs are fine examples of how Kyocera has put the needs of today’s customers right at the heart of our R&D process to produce real solutions to modern business pains and needs in terms of productivity, cost-effectiveness, and overall quality.”
Oscar Sanchez concludes: “The period of disruption that we find ourselves in is revealing brand-new opportunities for tremendous business growth, but only for those who are equipped with the best tools. And as confirmed by Keypoint Intelligence’s research, these TASKalfa devices fit the bill for such ambitious organizations across all sectors.”

It’s Time to Evolve

Kyocera Document Solutions Canada (R J Business Machines LTD) is pleased to announce the launch of the TASKalfa 2554ci, TASKalfa 3554ci, TASKalfa 4054ci,TASKalfa 5054ci,TASKalfa 6054ci,TASKalfa 7054ci,TASKalfa 4004i,TASKalfa 5004i,TASKalfa 6004i and TASKalfa 7004i, your workspace with quality you can rely on.

It’s Time to Evolve

New challenges demand a fresh approach. You need the best tools to drive your business forward during challenging times. Meet the Kyocera Evolution Series: robust, versatile platforms that have been built to last. Combining cutting-edge technology and Kyocera’s expertise, this new user-friendly series is ready to drive your productivity to new levels.

Evolve Printing in Your Workplace

The Kyocera Evolution Series has arrived to provide your workplace with the latest technology required to keep your data safe while optimizing workflows. With an easy-to-use control panel and innovative security enhancements, you can rely on the Kyocera Evolution Series for high- quality printing, copying and scanning.

Fewer pains. More gains.

Complex printer controls drain valuable time and can impact your overall productivity. With the new Kyocera Evolution Series, the user interface has been totally redesigned to minimize confusion and maximize your capabilities, so that you enjoy more time for you and your business.

Equip Your Business Against New Security Threats

With industry leading security protection, Kyocera’s Evolution Series provide enhanced device and document security that address not only today’s challenges, but the challenges of tomorrow as well. Security starts from the ground up and Kyocera ensures your data; your device and your network are always protected. The Kyocera Evolution Series comes with a whole range of new security enhancements:

Secure/Multipurpose Internet & Mail Extensions (S/MIME)

Improves the security of email encryption by providing security for authentication, message integrity, the use of digital signatures and privacy and data security.

Simple Certificate & Enrollment Protocol (SCEP)

Automatically ensures that the device has the latest security certificates and makes the issuing of digital certificates as effortless as possible.

Online Certificate Status – Protocol/Certificate – Revocation (OCSP/CRL)

Provides settings that can verify the validity of the certificates used in encrypted communications.

Security Information and Event – Management (SIEM)

Provides the ability to log security events that help monitor potential unauthorized operations like malware, intrusions and information leakage.

TLS version 1.3 support

A faster, safer and more secure method of cryptography that encrypts data by providing secure communication between web browsers and servers.

Kyocera’s ISO/IEC-
15408 Common Criteria certification shows our commitment to the highest standards of information security management.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the world around us. Its impact can be felt in many aspects of our daily lives. The Kyocera Evolution Series has integrated new AI functions to improve performance while enabling new capabilities to be added throughout its lifecycle so that you enjoy the best possible MFP devices at all times.

Enhanced user experience and improved productivity

When scanning, you can now emphasize the handwritten part of the document without changing the format or image. This is a particularly useful function for proofreading documents, questionnaires, documents, drawings, etc. where thin lines and small characters are common. It’s also possible to overwrite handwritten characters and lines on the document, using a white filler to make them invisible.

Superior image quality

With the new AI functionalities, improving low resolution images is quick and easy. The KX printer driver supports the ‘Super Resolution’ function that compares images with information on the internet, identifying and converting low-resolution images to professional quality. Not only do you get fantastic quality, but you also spend less time making manual changes

Kyocera Document Solutions has championed innovative technology since 1934. We enable our customers to turn information into knowledge, excel at learning and surpass others. With professional expertise and a culture of empathetic partnership, we help organizations put knowledge to work to drive change.