Powerful Business Printers, MFPs and Software Solution


Education is about sharing information. Administration is about managing information – admissions records, registrar information, financial aid documents, as well as billing, payroll, and numerous other back-office processes.

Kyocera helps schools, school systems, and institutions of higher learning manage their documents and data efficiently, securely, and cost-effectively. We have significant experience navigating the budget- approval process, meeting both the strategic needs of departmental and administrative heads, and adhering to the protocols required by procurement.

Streamline Virtually All Document-Related Processes

Seamless integration with existing CMS and IT architecture

  • Connect with Gmail, Google Cloud, and more
  • Automated printing, grading, and analysis of bubble tests
  • Print from Mac & PC, tablet, and mobile iOS & Android devices
  • Bring-Your-Own-Device capability through Kyocera Mobile Print

Control Access, Control Costs

User-specific access to network, database, and functionality

  • Control colour-printing capabilities
  • Charge-back for all print, copy, fax, and scan functions
  • Separate access for educators, administrators, and students


Information is at the heart of healthcare: medical histories, patient data, consultation notes, lab results and more – all must be available and accessible.

Information is at the heart of the business of healthcare: financial records, insurance information, regulatory documents – and all of it must be managed efficiently and cost-effectively.

Kyocera delivers data and document solutions to healthcare organizations of all sizes. We assist in the transition to cloud-based EMR systems, streamline back-office processes, and help organizations ensure that they remain fully HIPAA compliant.

Full Integration with ECM, including EMR

Secure, on-demand access to clinical data, images, and billing information

  • Digital and paper admission, registration, and referral forms
  • Access clinical information, across media formats
  • Integration with server-based or cloud-based storage

HIPAA Compliance & Cerner Certification

Kyocera healthcare solutions help healthcare organizations comply with HIPAA

  • Unique user identification; AES 256-bit encryption
  • Data back-up and remote storage
  • More than 100 Kyocera devices are Cerner-certified
  • Document confidentiality; document and device security and accessibility


Records and Information Governance is an essential part of running a legal practice. Few professions are more reliant on documents, and no profession is faced by more stringent regulatory requirements for how they are managed, cataloged, routed, stored, encrypted, and secured.

Kyocera has helped law firms of all sizes manage their documents more efficiently, securely, and cost-effectively. We design and implement customized solutions that adhere to state and local compliance standards, and accommodate the increasing variety of formats: paper and digital documents, audio files, video and static imagery, emails, and more.

Streamline All Document-Related Tasks

Seamless integration with server-based or cloud-based Enterprise Content Management Systems

  • High-volume, high-speed scanning, faxing, copying and printing
  • Route over-sized files quickly and securely with full audit trail
  • Automated OCR, indexing, Bates stamping, barcode recognition

Device Security, Data Encryption & Cost-Control

User-specific restrictions enable case-specific or function-specific access

  • Password-based or HID card-based  authentication
  • Multifactor authentication meets HSPD-12 standards
  • Customizable cost-recovery solutions for all functions


Documents and data are central to nearly every business process. For national and multinational organizations, the direct costs (systems, software, consumables) and indirect costs (time, productivity, security) represent a significant part of overall operating costs – and often an underappreciated one.

Kyocera helps enterprise-scale companies across industries manage the document-driven and data-driven process of their businesses more efficiently and cost-effectively. We provide comprehensive BPO and Document Architecture solutions that in most cases both improve productivity and lower expenses.

Business Process Optimization

Streamline the document-driven and data-driven process required to run your organization

  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Managed IT Services
  • Mobile & Cloud Solutions
  • Document & Data Security; Encryption

High-Performance, Cost-Effective Document Architecture

Advanced multifunction systems that are scalable and customizable

  • Simplified scanning and routing solutions
  • Integrate with many of the most popular DMS packages
  • Mobile-print-ready,  WiFi-enabled


From supply chain, to production line, to distribution and fulfillment, documents drive every step of the manufacturing process. Purchase orders, inventory reports, materials tracking, regulatory records, and more – a continuous flow of paper and digital documents to produce, access, route, and store.

Kyocera implements document systems that streamline processes, both on the production floor and in the back office. Our solutions are designed to meet the need for greater control and accountability, simplify the demands on users, and minimize expenses.

Fleet Optimization & Cost Control

Customers have reduced total document-related costs by as much as 30%

  • Replace ad-hoc configuration with integrated system
  • Advanced multi-function systems have significantly lower TCOs
  • Dramatically reduce consumables and maintenance costs
  • Streamline all document-related processes

Document Process Automation

Streamline all stages of production, logistics, and inventory management

  • Integrate with existing ERP and Warehouse Management Systems
  • Automated capture, store, access, and routing of documents
  • Reduced manual inputting of data input reduces errors


Government agencies all have unique objectives. But their document management needs – security, compliance, efficiency, cost control, waste reduction – are remarkably similar at the Federal, State, and Local levels. And they are equally important to both sides of the aisle.

Kyocera is dedicated to meeting the needs of agencies and departments of all sizes Throughout the country. We are well experienced in processes for bidding and procurement, and deliver solutions and products that meet all requisite standards for energy efficiency, user accessibility, and security and encryption.

Security & Encryption

Document-related process are protected at every touch-point

  • HD encryption FIPS 140-2 certified; EAL Level 3 disk overwrite
  • CAC/PIV authentication utilizing GSA/DOD cards and PINs
  • Advanced encryption standards with FIPS 140-2 validation for DOD requirements

Device Management & Control

Remote administration for a fleet of up to 5,000 devices

  • Monitor toner, paper levels, and configuration
  • Track device-specific usage for print, copy, scan, and fax functions
  • Designate or limit usage permissions by job or department